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Active Comfort Fit


  1. To guarantee a perfect fit, the backpack should sit as close to the body as possible. 
  2. Thus, the weight can be evenly distributed on the entire back. The Active-Comfort-Fit system achieves its fantastic carrying comfort with a stable, padded construction. At its heart you find two preshaped, flexible spring steel stays. They can be ergnomically adapted to the individual anatomy of the child’s back. At the same time, they guarantee a solid, durable stability even when the pack is loaded to the max.
  3. The back system integrates another technical feature:  the flexible, ergonomic Active shoulder straps. They follow every movement and therefore provide an even distribution of the load and a secure, stable fit. 
  4. The Active-Comfort-Fit carrying system is specificially designed to fit the anatomy and the demands of the kids: from the width of the shoulder straps to the padding, the ergonomic, s-shaped shoulder straps and the length of the straps. Those details not only guarantee an ideal fit, they also result in a unique carrying comfort – no pressure points, no chafing. Additional stability is provided by the chest strap and the hip belt which can also be removed if not needed.