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Compact EXP 14


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H x W x D: 46 x 26 x 18 cm
14 + 5L
Back System
Airstripes System Airstripes

Airstripes System

  1. AirStripes_Blue


    A bike pack always has to sit secure and snug on your back – even on the roughest rides. Our unique Airstripes System takes care of that and offers effective ventilation. It consists of two contoured, air-channelled foam profiles that are covered with a highly breathable Wide AirMesh lining. The reduced contact surface results in an optimized fresh air circulation. Also, the pack’s load is kept close to the body and thus won’t throw the rider off balance.

    THE RESULT: The minimal contact surface area of the profiled Airstripes allows free air circulation over 80 % of the riders back, while still providing a secure, compact fit even on rough rides.

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Adaptable Frame II-Frame-17

Adaptable Frame

Expandable Volume Expand-Volumes-17

Expandable Volume

Hydration System Compatible H2O-Opening-17

Hydration System Compatible

Separate Hydration Bladder Compartment H2O-Pocket-17

Separate Hydration Bladder Compartment

Helmet Holder Helmet-Holder-17

Helmet Holder

Raincover Rain-Cover-17


Stretch Inner Compartment Wet-Pocket-17

Stretch Inner Compartment

Valuables Pocket Valuables-Pocket-17

Valuables Pocket

Sternum Strap Chest-Belt-17

Sternum Strap

Raincover Rain-Cover-17


Phone / Map Back Pocket Mobile-Back-Pocket-17

Phone / Map Back Pocket

Sunglasses Holder Shades-Holder-17

Sunglasses Holder

Organizer organizer-external-Pocket-17


Pull Forward Hipfin Pull-Forward-Hip-Fin-17

Pull Forward Hipfin