Standards - deuter GB


Every journey begins with a single step. And step by step we are nearing our destination. Our aim is to reduce the negative environmental impact of our company’s activities and to become active environmental guardians. With the help of the bluesign® standard, the world’s strictest standard, we are able to examine and optimise our production process. With the ‘dirt bag’ project plus our commitment to the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) we are promoting concrete projects for environmental protection.

Have you read our corporate values?

‘Outdoor sport is at the heart of Deuter.’ And how true that is! We manufacture our products so that people can take them outdoors and spend many happy and exciting hours in the mountains or on their travels with them. The landscape is not just a backdrop; it is an essential part of the activity. Protecting that environment and taking a sensitive approach to plant life, animal life and their habitats is therefore ‘in the very nature of things’ for us. A healthy environment is synonymous with our existence – we are acutely aware of that.

We know that we have embarked on a long journey, and it can only happen one step at a time. But we have not chosen to take the easiest route. There are no shortcuts to be made in terms of quality and functionality. We are on a mission to find a harmonious balance between economy, ecology and social issues.