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It is our responsibility to make sure that our products are functional and durably reliable companions for active people. That is why we invest a great deal of time and effort in the development, production, testing and repairs service of our backpacks, bags and sleeping bags. The fact these products present no health hazards and are safety-tested and approved is a matter of course for us.

Have you read our corporate values?

Deuter is synonymous with quality, functionality and longevity – and has been since 1898. Today, we are pioneers in the world of functional backpacks and European market leaders. We know that success like that does not come from good advertising and marketing alone. Our products have to win people over, and stand the test of time. Market focus is the key to happy customers. When our products tick all the boxes for mountain and travel enthusiasts, then they are popular. The figures back us up; more and more people value our products. They offer outstanding carrying comfort and real performance – without any unnecessary extras.