Bag Construction



1129_1-Layer 1130_H-Chamber
The outer shell material is sewn to the upper layer of Polyester fleece. Since this construction can lead to cold spots, we only use it in summer sleeping bag. Treklite 250 SQ, 250 & 300
Outer and inner shells are connected by straight baffles. The rectangular chambers are filled with down, which can expand to fulfil its full loft potential.



1131_2-Layer 1132_Shingle-Layer
Space II & XL, Orbit -5°
Two laywers of insulation are laid on top of each other. The upper layer of insultion is sewn to the outer shell material and the lower layer of insultion to the inside lining.
Exosphere +2°, -4° & 8°
The layers of insultion are arranged with 3 times overlapping to increase the effective insulation thickness and avoid cold spots. This techniquie enhances sleeping bag performance.



1133_Chamber 1134_Trapezoid-Chamber
Treklite 200
Outer and inner shells are stitched direchtly to each other. These chambers contain the down.
Neosphere -4°, -10° & -15°
Opposing diagonal trapezoid pockets ensure the down is stabilised. Cold spots are thus avoided which is the best way to guarantee warmth insultion.

Thermo Stretch Comfort

Thermo Stretch Comfort Inner

2791_Stretch25 2792_StretchInside25
Exosphere +2°, -4° & -8°
Elastic seam construction allows a comfortabel, body-hugging fit without feeling restricted. Thus the bag warms up quicker and still offers fantastic freedom of movement for a good night's sleep.
Neosphere -4°, Neosphere -10°, Neosphere -15°
The down sleeping bags with maximum insulating qualities! We use Thermo Stretch Comfort System on the inside: the lining is constructed with elastic seams allowing the bag to expand up to 25% in width.